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Many of you would have seen junglee.com and would be wondering what so special about it? I was doing the same, till i had this unofficial interview with Junglee.com (JC). Read along:

Me: What is junglee.com ?

JC: I would like to describe ourself in one word, Product Search Engine, rather it became three.

Me: I can search on Google and find my product. Whats so special?

JC: Okie we have a product comparator. We would devoid you of the pain of going to various websites and comparing the prices and reading the reviews before you buy anything!

Me: Ahh!Now you are speaking sense. So you are advanced version of yellow pages. So, do i get the cheapest products over here?

JC: Yes and No.

Me: What do you mean "yes and no"?

JC: Technically, it lists prices from most of the online and offline stores in India. So you can get the cheapest price. But it does not have the prices from flipkart.com and infibeam.com

Me: What, I usually buy all my books from flipkart. Than how is it a product search engine if it can't search from the entire internet.

JC: There you go, you are already pointing fingers, wait a while, we are still in beta and we already have over "1.2 crore products and 14,000 brands" and hundreds of retailers. Give us some time, either we would kill them or else we would add them to our database.

Me: Oh, okie, so there is a plan out there. Sounds interesting. What is onething that I should love about you?

JC: The website easy to use, clutterless, single column design. Our site has taken inspirations from mobile sites and brought its simplicity and make sure it looks the same on all platforms. We have a huge search bar on top which reminds you of the purpose and lots of reviews and prices below that makes it easier for you to make your informed choice.

Me: Okie, so you are not selling products, than how does Amazon gains out of it. How will you earn?

JC: Thats a smart question, to answer that let me ask you one question. What the toughest things about selling. Can you list them?

Me: Ummm, to find customers, to find customer who actually want a product, to decide the price to offer him so that he can't decline, hmmm thats all i can think of.

JC: Are you a marketing guy? You just nailed it. So what junglee does is that make customers who wants to buy something, come over here instead of junglee looking for them. Than he searches for the product and sees the prices. We show him the prices from all the sites including amazon, if its available ;). We know what he wants, we know the prices offered by the competitors so we know the price to offer. Right now we just show handful of products from Amazon, but eventually when we would have a bigger presence in your country than we can push more products to him(and her -- we are not sexist) .

Me: Smart, so basically this is how you are trying to kill?

JC: Yes, kind of and moreover with the amount of real time data and our IITian Business and Data Analyst, we are sure to kill the competitions.

Me: If this is your plan? Than why are competitors tying up with you?

JC: This is the undercover business model, but actually we are like Justdial or Sulekha, we are just generating more leads for them. Why would they miss such an opportunity.

Me: Smart!! Is there any way I can compare prices from flipkart and infibeam on junglee?

JC: There are some smart people like Amit who has written some tools for it. You can know more about it over here.

Me: Thank you, that was quite insightful. All the best.


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