Most expensive product on Amazon India By Category

Amazon India today has become the most visited e-commerce site in India. So, I decided to analyze the most expensive products that Amazon India Sells across various category.

So lets start.

Book worth Rs 53,46,000.00

This is quiet modest. I think its a must in every library!

DVD worth Rs 40,045.23

My kids are gonna die uneducated :(

A Flip Cover worth Rs 255,255.00

I would get around 40 actual Micromax Juice phone at the same price.

A pen worth Rs 1,700,000.00

"No doubt a pen is mightier (worthier) then a sword"

Telescope worth Rs 896,000.00

This might actually be a fair price. Should understand technical part of it to comment. Help!

Spoons worth Rs 2,183,731.00

I might by a house with a kitchen at the same price. Though each spoon would just cost you mere 33,000. Thats a relief!

A Game worth Rs 868,434.00

That might be correct again, with import duty on all. I don't know.

MultiGym worth Rs 2,950,000.00

Someone from gym community should comment on this

A bath cereal worth Rs 2,010,000.00

Just 20 lacs for it. I am not sure it would be most expensive breakfast ever or bath ever.

A pair of Socks worth Rs 200,997.98

Ahem! my feet feel warm.

A Shoe worth Rs 102,035.00 

(One of the variants with size 44)

Just for one variant price shoots up 5 times, can't a computer catch that.

A Bag worth Rs 90,000

I am not a fashionista. This might be fair.

So if you are feeling rich today then dare buy one of the above products. My favorite in the list is the flip cover.

Intent of the post is to show disparity in the pricing on the most visited E-Commerce site in India, and need for a AI based Anti-Spam engine on such e-commerce sites to keep a check spam pricing. Some people might actually end up ordering these by mistake. I hope not.
Jeff Bezos, are you listening!

Update 1: Amazon have responded to the query raised by this post. They have accepted that they do need a mechanism to detect price spam. Yoohoo! I love there Customer Service! Snippet of the response is below:


  1. Bro literally You said the flip cover is 255,255 Rs but it is only 699

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