Monday, August 23, 2010

How to use Rupee Font.

Government has done its part…..Now it is our turn to make it a success.

New Rupee Symbol of Indian - How to use in Computers?
Download the attached font. -->

save to "fonts" folder of your PC : Location : C:/Windows/Fonts and then go to the C:/Windows/Fonts location and install(double clck)

Open your word processor and select the "Rupee_forindian.

Just select "Rupee" font from the drop down list of your fonts in your application
and press the key just above your tab button. It will display the new rupee symbol of India. Try it.

It also work with open office in linux(ubuntu)... just download it n click on it....

Download Rupee Font here

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tab browsing in Micromax Q7 EZPAD

Recently i got a new Micromax Q7 EZPAD Phone and found lots of bug with the inbuilt Opera browser and found it irritating... so what i did was to upgrade it to a new Opera Mini 5.1 which supported Tabbed browsing an very cool interface. It was a lil slower but much better then inbuilt Opera which came.

To install it just point ur browser to and install the jar files. Its working fine for me till now. Just only problem which I saw ws the sensitivity of trackball. If you move the ball slowly then it responds well. If you move it very fast then the browser slows down.

But like PC we always want to have more then one browser on our phone. So i found another cool browser after lots of searching. This one is called UC Mobile. To download just click the link here from your phone browser.

I have installed many other softwares which are good and would share about them in upcoming posts.