Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lady Myth

India's First Woman President in office today. And on this occassion this post has some Censored thoughts about Indian politics.
A history created or transforming India pushed to history. The nation of snake charmers gets a queen who has a knack in communicating with ghosts and spirits.
Most of you are intelligent enough to make guesses.
Yes,the Country gets its succesor to the man of missile and science inform of a lady of mysticism.
No pun intended, but still her magical moment is here to stay.
Although Mrs Patil won the prez election fair and square but we shouldn't forget the contribution that was made by gender bias educated political class of India. Suprisingly, they were biased towards woman not man. And ya, even the sacreligious MLA's of Madhya Pradesh who wrote "Jai Shri Ram" or "Om" on the ballot paper to show there support to Mr Sikhawat but in vain. Don't know should i laugh at the state of country's MLA's or forget the incident.
The celebrations started on the eve of the elections when the so called Empress Mrs Sonia Gandhi threw a DINNER BASH for all her puppets including the lady myth and the men in blue turban. The food was supposedly so delicious or magical that Mr Farooq Abdullah changed his mood and supported our lady myth for the election just to figure in the guest list of the bash and be part of this magical moment creating history.
I won't be suprised if the next time if a Presidential Rule is imposed on a state to bring peace, then yagna's might be performed on the roads under the influence of our new prez, the lady myth.
Many of you must have heard SRK saying
" Haar ke jitne waale ko baazigar kahte hai"
but that was reel life in real life only Sonia Gandhi is the true baazigar. Our Italian kingmaker is the only lady in the history of our democratic Country to virtually hold the all important post of The Prime Minister and even the most respected post in the Country of the President. She is the baazigar. Hats off to her.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Kiss of TAJ!!!

With invitation going to our bong babe Bips.. It was somewhat clear that TAJ would do figure in the final list of the Seven Wonders.
Congrats to all my fellow countrymen on this achievement who took this issue of shortlisting Taj as a matter of ijjat and started an advertising campaign of the scale never seen before. From orkut scrapes to mails in inbox. The issue reached the most of internet surfing educated class of India and they truely followed the spirit of TAJ.
But what happened at the ceremony was the eighth wonder in itself. The real and devouring feast for eyes was the scene of Bipasha with portugal and man u star. On top of it was the lip lock between them. No girl from our country would miss such a chance if it comes there way. The bong fantasies for futbol must have added to the craze of Bipasha. So dont look at the matter as a kiss in some relationship or something but a kiss from the fan to football star..
But whatever.. still i would say!!Oooh!! unlucky looser John GOAL Abraham. Flop movie and a flop relationship!!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

7 Wonders:: Taj! wah! Taj.

The new seven wonders list will be out on Saturday night. We unravel some of the myths surrounding the Taj Mahal.

It's a marvel in marble, a symbol of eternal love. But the Taj is also a source of many legends.

For over 300 years, the Taj has attracted many a visitor right from travellers to architects, inspired work of art and even to a lot of curiosity. Its history is peppered with legends, another reason that has attracted many.

Writer Firoz Bakht Ahmed says, “Word of mouth has lead to a number of legends to crop up.”

The Taj is considered to be the epitome of love of a man for his wife. The proof of Shah Jahan's devotion to his beloved Arjuman Bano Begum, but is the Taj just that? A monument to mark Shah Jahan's love for his dead wife?

“It could be that he erected the structure to be remembered as a legend,” Bakht added.

And did this desire to achieve greatness lead the Mughal emperor to cut off the arms of the 20,000 workers who spent 22 years to raise this monument?

According to one myth, Shah Jahan committed this barbaric act to ensure that a similar structure of such grandeur was never built. How far is this true?

Bakht said, “Not true, was a compassionate ruler, theory maybe floated by the British.”

And what about the myth of the Black Taj. It is believed that Shah Jahan wanted to build another mausoleum, exactly identical to the Taj Mahal, except it was to be in black marble. So where is this black Taj?

“Maybe because his son imprisoned him, “Bakht said.

These legends may not have a seal of approval of historians but one thing is for sure they have kept the mystery and intrigue around the Taj alive and thus it's lure.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Indian Government And its CenSorship moves.

Most of us must have heard of the vibrating condom ring scandal that rocked Madhya Pradesh. For those who did not here is a gist og this funny incident :

Hindustan Latex had created a battery-operated vibrating condom (Crezendo as they called it) which offended the moral police in Madhya Pradesh because they felt it was a “sex toy” and since adults should never play with toys, they wanted it , predictably banned. Now what is to be figured out is how thiis problem was brought to the attention of the minister who campaigned passionately against Crezendo. From his words on CNN-IBN

"yeh prasn is liye utha hain kyon ki ek vidyarthi mere paas aaaya aur kaha ki yeh vibrating ring lekar hostel ke andar vidyarthi iske upayog kar rahe hain aur iske marketing ho rahee hain. vidyarthi agar padhne ke samay main is prakar ki vibrating ring ka upyog karta hain to main samajhta hoon ki yeh kisi ke liye chinta ki vishaaye ho sakti hain."

Which means that one day, our honourable minister, in the course of his peregrinations, was approached by a student whose complaint was not the unavailability of books in the library, or of placement opportunities or the need to upgrade campus facilities. No. His complaint was that some students had vibrating condoms on their walking sticks. Displaying sagacity of the highest form, the minister realized that if “vidyarthis” are racked with repeated eruptions from battery-operated enhancements while studying (parne ke samay), a generation of young men will be created solely dependent on automation for even the simplest of tasks, unable to use their hands.

Moved deeply by this vulgarity, this minister demanded an all-party meeting to be convened by the Prime Minister to discuss this matter of urgent national importance. No more G8 summits. Just G-spots.

I have always been thrilled by our erected sorry elected representatives protecting us from vulgarity . People like Priya Praneshwari Das Munshi, our I&B chief and the saviour of Indian football who tirelessly led India’s over optimistic and unsuccessful bids for hosting the football world cup through ceaseless criscrossing of Europe and the Americas on the taxpayer’s account and has since brought to his job as the country’s moral supremo the same selfless and punishing work-ethic.

From the Telegraph:

A monitoring process (for vulgarity on TV) does exist, besides Das Munshi himself, who has said he sometimes stays up late to monitor television content.

So while his constituents sleep in the comfort of their bed, the minister is up at night, lights turned off, surfing the channels to watch the level of debauchery being shown, sometimes perhaps even with the sound off.

Don’t get me wrong here. I really love being protected from flashing breasts at 1 o’clock and that college kid who walks funny. But what really gets my goat is the vulgarity that assails me each day I open the newspaper.

Like Mayawati “revealing her assets” (the headline from TOI). And what assets those are ! Add up Pam Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith and Sushmita Sen and you still get a puny fraction of her 52 crore bounty (and these are the assets she “chooses” to reveal: what she keeps “choli ke peeche” must be many times that). All of which she claims she earned through “voluntary donations” from the downtrodden members of the BSP.

Like the fact that Pratibha Tai, who disbursed crores of government money as “bad loans” to her relatives, thus bankrupting a cooperative bank, is soon going to be the next President of India. That she makes statements which would make Dada Kondke go red in the face— like “Dadiji ke shareer mein baba aye” and “He also made me very lucky” only adds insult to injury.No doubt one can get a better replacement for man who is the workforce behind Indian Missiles.

Someone somewhere really needs to put a stop to this shameless obscenity. But what to do? As long as mammaries jiggle and organs wriggle, the best and brightest of the land are otherwise occupied and automation is banned even there.

So what should have been CenSorEd and morale policing should watch are people like these which makes us thinks twice where is this country leading us to?

For more of such sizzling CenSorE news keep visiting CenSorE.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bypass CenSorship::: Test your site on cell phone::Visit any site by bypassing your firewall or your network administrator.

This one is very interesting and useful for many people like me. For instance, many of the websites like - Flickr is restricted in Iran & UAE, BBC & Wikipedia are blocked in China, Blogspot blogs are banned in Pakistan, YouTube & Photobucket are prohibited for US army overseas while social sites like Bebo, MySpace, Orkut or Facebook may be blocked in your workplace like mine.

At places access to mail websites like Yahoo or GMail is also blocked under the pretext of security. Ans many of us have to even see this FortiGaurd page with title Webfilter Violation. How irritating is that experience?

Here i suggest a way to make your web surfing more restriction free.

Proxy Servers are one such method which can be used to access such sites. But they might be slow or also be blocked. But here i bring forward a new method for unblocking websites - you'll probably enjoy it more than the previous techniques because it takes the geekiness out of the whole process and make it extremely easy to access blocked URLs.

Opera provides a free online tool called Opera Mini Simulator that simulates the Opera mobile phone browser on your desktop computer. The tool is fabricated in java and is by web designers for testing their website layouts on mobile phone devices without actually using a mobile phone.

As you probably guessed it by now, this Opera Browser Simulator can also be used for accessing web pages that may be blocked on your computer. Since the requests are made via the website, they would easily bypass the local filtering. As you see the process is similar to proxy servers and its just that opera websites acts as your server in such cases.

To open any site in Opera, follow the syntax given below and start browsing. Very simple isn't it..[URL] - example

For example::

The Opera Simulator is very useful for secured sites that require cookies.
for instance, you can check your Hotmail emails via Opera.

You are restricted to the tiny 200x200 screen of Opera simulator, but still the tool is very useful.
Opera recently launched version 4 of the Mini simulator that offers a better browsing experience than the previous version. You can access v4.0 of Mini simulator here.