Saturday, November 17, 2007

Online ad giants spin their web over India

Call it the digital invasion. Global online advertising giants are making a beeline for the computer savvy sub-continent, planning to take over independent agencies and launch their own brands. Indian agencies that have been ruling the roost till now are feeling the heat as salaries touch the sky and strategies to acquire funds are quickly chalked out. Some are even bullish about their own acquisitions within the country and outside. But will they last the onslaught?
Globally the digital advertising market is worth $30 billion, and in India the Rs 500 crore market is growing rapidly at 50% annually. So the blitz is not surprising. Traditional advertising giants such as, Publicis Groupe, WPP, OMD Digital, Aegis Communication Group and Euro RSCG are planning to launch their global brands in India and have aggressive acquisition strategies. But at the same time, top Indian independent agencies such as, id8 Labs, Quasar Media, Pinstorm and Web Chutney are also gearing up to the face the challenge.
"We already declined five acquisiton offers," says Mahesh Murthy, founder and CEO of Pinstorm, one of Asia’s largest search engine marketing firms. "All these big players want to acquire Indian firms because though their media departments are formidable their digital arms are weak.

And they don’t want to lose the Indian market. At the same time we are fighting back by declining acquisition offers, growing our own offices and hiring good people. We are planning our own acquisitions abroad and will expand to eight from six offices internationally."

Others are also getting active. Take for instance id8Labs one of the country’s largest online and digital media agencies. It has acquired the business franchise of eDesign Tree Inc here, which specializes in providing interactive and digital marketing services to the IT industry. Meanwhile, Indian advertising agencies have also launched their digital arms. For instance, Percept Holdings launched Percept Knowrigin and Arms launched Arms Digital recently.

Amit Tripathi, MD of id8Labs explains the reason for the frenzy. "Worldwide interactive ads account for 8% of media spend and is slated to grow to 15-16% shortly. In India it only accounts for 1.5%. So the opportunity is huge", says Mr Tripathi.

The Indian agencies are also keen on raising funds to expand. For instance, Pinstorm is looking to raise money to fund global acquisitions and Interactive Avenues received VC funding from Sequoia Capital.

Mr Tripathi of id8Labs adds; "We are also planning for private equity funding of $7-10 million." And the word is out that salaries have also touched the sky in this sector. Manish Vij, co-founder of Quasar Media, points out, "There are limited professionals in the country to understand online well. This is a case with most of the other high growth industries. There are other strategies to counter this and one of them is developing people from other industries, which we have successfully achieved."

Agrees Murthy of Pinstorm, "Salaries have gone up tremendously. We have also opened a Digital Marketing Institute with IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India). This industry will soon require around 30,000 professionals." Even id8Labs is hiring 150 people during the year to scale up operations.

It’s a big story waiting to unfold. In fact, IBM Global Business Services in its new report, forecasts greater disruption for the advertising industry in the next five years than what occurred in the previous 50 and all because of the Internet.

The report states that increasingly empowered consumers, more self-reliant advertisers and ever-evolving technologies are redefining how advertising is sold, fashioned, chomped through and tracked. And soon who knows, we might soon find premier management institutes in the country offering diplomas in digital marketing!

Friday, November 16, 2007

There's more to IIM entry than just CAT

Don't pin all your hopes on the CAT exam. That's because your admission to a B-school does not just depend on your CAT score. For instance, if you've scored well in your Class 10 and 12 board exams, it could well be the make or break factor in getting into IIM-Bangalore.

That's because the institute gave 80 per cent weightage to previous academic records and work experience in the admission process of 2006 and 2007. Cat scores were given only about 20 per cent weightage.

"While it will take some pressure off students who have had good marks in their 10th/12th and graduation levels — for others, who do not have a good record, it will mean extra pressure. I would say, you can't change your past academic record — what you can do is maximise your CAT score and, going forward, prepare well for your group discussion and interview which account for 40 per cent weightage," Gautam Puri, Vice-Chairman of Career Launcher, points out.

Of course, each IIM has its own unique selection criteria. To a petition filed by CNBC TV18 under the Right to Information Act, IIM-Ahmedabad stated that it does not consider Class 10 and 12 scores while selecting students for the group discussion.

Although the institute revealed that work experience accounted significantly in the personal interview. The institute, however, refrained from stating exactly how much weightage does it carry.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Google Makes it to the Top Five Companies

When Google was trading at $350 a share people said that it is overpriced. Google’s share price has now crossed $700 and Google is now the fifth most valuable company in America if market capitalization is the basis. The market capitalization of Google (number of all shares multiplied by the market price of a share) is now at an astounding $217 billion. Google is now worth more than Procter & Gamble the famous consumer goods company. Google is only behind Exxon Mobil, General Electric, Microsoft, and AT&T.

With Google at number five it is obvious that it will set its sights to take on Microsoft which is still ahead. Google’s products are not critical to the operations of businesses like Microsoft’s are. At work I can’t think of life without Microsoft’s operating system or its office suite. I like Google search but I can also live without it. Moreover it is important to note that a company’s worth is also a measure of its assets. What are Google’s assets? A brand value and people who love it and use it. Google’s assets are the audience. Their assets unlike an old economy company are not tangible assets.

Fifty years from now P&G will still be selling Gillette, Duracell and Pampers but will Google be still around then? Will the Google bubble burst some time in the future? This is the question that comes to any ones mind. Google is now at the heart of a historic information age. Computers have displaced TV sets, advertising models are changing, and artificial intelligence has assumed amazing power. Google is in the midst of this revolution.

Google has carved a name for itself with its Search, Gmail, Picasa, Google Maps, Google Calendar and their advertising model. But this is not to say that Google can rest on its laurels. In the internet economy people can desert their love of a service or product as fast as they fell in love with it. As an example I used Yahoo search before, then shifted to Google search because it was superior and now Yahoo search has again improved. It is quite likely that I might have a change of heart from Google Search to Yahoo Search.

I have a message for Google “Don’t stop reinventing and innovating if you want to climb the ladder and make it as the top company in America”. Google has unlimited potential if it continues to ‘INNOVATE’. Google can also go down as one of the most infamous falls from grace in American history, if it takes it easy and rests. This risk forever hangs on Google’s shoulders.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Highest Graveyard in the world.

Today's useless fact - How many dead bodies are up on Mount Everest?

Mount Everest is both the highest mountain and the highest graveyard in the world. As of 2002, 175 climbers had died on the mountain, and the vast majority of these bodies were left behind. There are reported to be at least 41 bodies on the north side of Everest.

Some people simply run out of gas on the trail and freeze to death in place. Others are consumed by avalanches. Removing dead bodies from this elevation is an enormous task.

As described how it took a team of 12 people eight hours to move the body of one dead Taiwanese man down a portion of the mountain. The high altitude, low oxygen, fierce winds, and intense cold make the trip extremely challenging even for an unencumbered person, so few climbers attempt to take the bodies of the deceased back with them.

Some bodies are lost forever on Everest. During the tragic May 1996 expeditions when eight people died in a freak storm near the summit, two of the bodies were never found. To further complicate matters, the local Sherpas, the people most adept at climbing the mountain and transporting gear up and back, are wary of dead bodies and don't like to go near them.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Free Download Proxy Server.

This is a free download for a proxy server which automatically configures the Internet Explorer for the best available proxy server at the moment.

Remarkable Feature: Can beat even the web-filtering service of the Fortigaurd.

Warning:Don't upgrade the version of this software for best performance.

The link for download is here.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Google tells babus to relax, says Gmail is safe!

If you've been wondering if your Gmail account's been hacked into, relax. Google says there's no cause for worry.

With doubts being raised over the safety of its key applications and the government issuing a warning advisory, Google's now released an official clarification.

In an email sent to CNN-IBN, the company spokesperson claims it's already fixed the problems in question.

Certain bureaucrats had earlier reported problems with their mail accounts, but Google claims that's more a case of Phishing or Internet fraud and not an inherent problem with Gmail.

GMail, Picassa, Google Groups and Blogspot have been under the scanner after software loopholes that let hackers steal data, and tamper with emails were revealed.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Watch the Twenty20 20-20 Finals between India Vs Pakistan Free Online - Streaming Website Link

Get the complete set of videos of all the matches of T20 World Cup. Visit the website below and cherish the winning moments of Indian team to the six of six from Yuvi.

The website is

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yuvraj Six of Six.

Yuvraj belted fast bowler Stuart Broad for 36 runs in the 19th over to become the first player to achieve the mark in the shortest form of cricket.

Broad saw his deliveries disappear over the mid-wicket boundary twice, over backward square leg, extra cover, backward point and wide mid-on.

Yuvraj's fireworks boosted India to a total of 218 for four from their 20 overs.

On a record breaking day, he also scored the fastest half century in Twenty20, needing just 12 balls. Yuvraj was eventually dismissed for 58, with Paul Collingwood taking the catch off an Andrew Flintoff delivery. Yuvraj hit three fours and seven sixes during his entertaining knock.

The 25-year-old became the fourth man to complete the feat at elite level.

ndia's Ravi Shastri and West Indian Garfield Sobers had achieved the record in first class cricket, while South African Herschelle Gibbs reached the landmark at the 50-over World Cup earlier this year.

18.1 Broad to Yuvraj Singh, SIX, that's out the ground, super shot over cow corner and it just kept going up.

18.2 Broad to Yuvraj Singh, SIX, now that really is sweet, no more than a dismissive flick off his legs, swatting a fly, and the ball arcs deep into the crowd beyond backward square leg. The dodgy TV measurement says that's 111 yards but as it landed outside the ground how do they know? They guess that's how.

18.3 Broad to Yuvraj Singh, SIX, he's hitting them everywhere, he steps to leg and smashes the ball over extra cover and it keeps on traveling. The fireworks start on top of the scoreboard and they've been going off in the middle for some time.

18.4 Broad to Yuvraj Singh, SIX, Shiver me timbers! Broad goes round the wicket, bowls a filthy wide full toss and Yuvraj steers it over backward point and it clears the rope again.
18.5 Broad to Yuvraj Singh, SIX, down on one knee and larruped over midwicket, that one was more nine iron, it went into the night sky and dropped with a thud in the jubilant crowd. England have a team meeting.
Broad looks quizzical and miserable. Can he, can Yuvraj do it. Broad looks like a man who knows he is about to be mauled again.

18.6 Broad to Yuvraj Singh, SIX, and he has, Yuvraj leans back and smacks that over wide mid-on. It was the maximum from the moment it left that bat and the crowd was roaring as it flew.

Monday, September 3, 2007

SEZ victims : An appeal by hapless victims of state tyranny to all concerned citizens of India

Thousands of acres of fertile agricultural lands are being acquired in the name of SEZ (Special economic zone)s all over India [except Bihar]. Farmers are becoming hapless victims of state tyranny. Inspite of repeated statements by various central & state ministers at various times that fertile agricultural land will not be acquired for industrial [SEZ] purposes; the bureaucrats (of KIADB) are practicing just the opposite.
Fertile land with rich agricultural and horticultural produce that sustains and enriches the lives of thousands of villagers is now being termed dry and waste land to aid the acquisition process. How can land that gets an average annual rainfall of almost 4000 mm be “dry land” in Mangalore?? Clearly the truth is being hidden; behind fabricated statistics, to aid KIADB’s effort to alienate farmers’ lands for the MRPL-ONGC, MSEZ projects.

We, the villagers of the 2035.31 acres of land notified for acquisition near Mangalore (of Kuthethoor, Permude, Delanthabettu and Thenka Yekkaru villages) who are affected by the MSEZ and its PCPIR (petrochemical complex) are mostly farmers who know no other skill than agriculture, dairy farming, poultry, horticulture and jasmine cultivation and related duties. We do not wish to lose our homes and livelihood at any cost.

Clearly, more of us in our 4 villages will lose employment and (our roots) than any employment or progress that an SEZ alienated from us and our lifestyles can bring.

What are the fall outs of M SEZ for common citizens?

The petrochemical complexes would store thousands of tons of carcinogenic [cancer causing] chemicals like benzene, cause health problems like asthma, cancer etc. The petrochemical complexes and subsidiaries would occupy an area of 74,131 acres of land and displace nearly one and a half lakh people .Negligible amount of their produce would be for domestic use, but our govt. would earn lots in foreign exchange in addition to the environment pollution, water shortage, depletion of greenery, global warming and more than anything else a ticking time bomb so close [8-10 kms] to Mangalore city (that comes under grade 3 earthquake zone).

Another Bhopal gas tragedy in the making!!! If you are a citizen concerned about the society, kindly render your support to us by mailing your response to the concerned authorities and asking them to STOP the additional 2,035.51 acres land acquisition process in the aforesaid villages for MSEZ by KAIDB at the earliest.

If you feel for the SEZ victims then please send your responses to:

  1. Mr. Nagaraj Shetty, District-in-charge of DAKSHINA KANNADA.
  1. Mr. H.D. Kumaraswamy, Chief Minister, Legislative Assembly, KARNATAKA.
Office Fax: 080-22281021/22253660

  1. Mr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister, INDIA. or Fax: 11-23016857/11-23019545

PLEASE don’t turn a blind eye, help in making a better India.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chak De India becomes part of Oscar library now

After scoring a huge success at the box-office, Shah Rukh Khan starrer Chak De India has now become a part of the Oscar library.

A copy of the screenplay has reached the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, which hosts and hands out the Oscar Awards, to be a part of their script collection.

The film, written by Jaideep Sahni and directed by Shimit Amin, has impressed the critics and audience alike in India.

The invitation an acknowledgement that the screenplay of Chak De is comparable with the best in the world, and will become an invaluable asset for future generations of filmmakers, says the official release from the Yash Raj Film, which has produced the film.

The scripts in the collection reside at the Margaret Herrick Library or Oscar library and are accessible for research purposes only.

Film students, filmmakers, writers and actors are among the regular patrons of the institution.

As the film goes from strength to strength at the box office, it is a tribute to the entire team that helped make Chak De India such a universal success, critically and commercially, the release adds.

Among few others that have made it to the library earlier are Namastey London, Salaam Namaste, Lagaan and Phir Hera Pheri.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chak De India! In football feat, India lift Nehru Cup

New Delhi: India's footballers have scripted a memorable chapter in their history by winning the Nehru Cup. Their opponents in the final Syria, were ranked 398 places above them in the FIFA rankings but on the day India were just too good.

It was like a dream for Indian football fans, who witnessed one of the high points in the history of Indian football on Wednesday.

A warm summer evening in the Capital and a full house was in attendance for India's biggest football match in recent memory.

The early script went to plan as Syria were clearly rattled by an energetic Indian forward line. A push on captain Baichung Bhutia should have earned a red card; instead they were lucky to escape with just yellow.

Minutes later, India thought they were ahead with Baichung finding the back of the net but only to find the off-side flag up.

Syria responded well with a wave of attacks of their own, only to be denied by an alert Indian defence and goalkeeper Subrata Pal.

But just as the first half wound down, India struck, with N P Pradeep unleashing a left-foot scorcher to spark off wild celebrations.

The drama for the half wasn't over though. Syrian defender Wael Ayan was sent off in the sixth minute of injury time for a foul on Sur Kumar. The referee had a tough time controlling the melee.

India went into the break with the stadium buzzing and several familiar faces in the stands urging them on for the final flourish.

After an agonising six minutes of injury time, the final whistle sparked off wild celebrations. India had won their first major international tournament in five years and their first Nehru Cup in 13 attempts.

The Indian football's best came at the Olympics which was way back in 1956 when they were placed 4th. The team claimed the gold twice and the bronze once in the Asian Games. Four years later they took the gold in the Asia Cup and the silver in 1974.

They are three-time winners at the SAF Games. And won the LG Cup in Hanoi in 2002.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Top 10 Physically Modified People in the World

10. Leopard ManWhether he’s mad or not, 67yr old tom leppard seems extremely happy living in a hand-built home on the isle of skye, 99% of his body tattooed with leopard print. he spends his days reading, scampering about the place on all fours like a leopard and staying away from the hustle and bustle of modern society. for a man who looks like john locke after an intense mud fight he actually seems pretty pleasant…

9. Etienne DumontEtienne Dumont is an art & culture critic for a newspaper in geneva who just happens to be covered head to toe in some of the most vibrant tattoos i’ve ever seen. he also has silicon implants under the skin which give the horned appearance, 2.7 inch rings in each earlobe and plexiglass piercings through the nose and under his bottom lip. the best part has to be the blue rimmed glasses though, a perfect addition to an incredible look.

8. Rick Genest
without doubt the scariest human head i will ever see in my lifetime. there isn’t much information about mr genest himself on the internet (would you approach him for an interview?) but we do know the tattoo was crafted by the chaps at ‘derm fx tattoo‘ in montreal. job well done guys.

7. The Illustrated LadyJulia Gnuse (aka the illustrated lady) was born with a condition called porphyria which causes her skin to blister regularly and ultimately scar. in order to cover this up she started getting tattoos applied over the affected areas - after 10 years she was covered in the bastards and is now the most tattooed woman in the world.

6. Elaine DavidsonIn total, brazilian Elaine Davidson has the most number of tattoos and over 2500 piercings on her body, both internally and externally, approximately 500 just around the genitals. the total extra weight she carries due to this obsession comes to around 3kg and she is thankfully the most pierced person in the world. now living in edinburgh she claims to be too scared to go home to brazil due to the attention she’d attract possibly resulting in some kind of attack.

5. Kala Kaiwikala kawai has 67 piercings and 75 % of his body is tattooed so it’s a good job he chose a career in body modification, running his own studio in hawaii. he has stretched the holes in his earlobes to 4 inches, inserted various silicon implants on his head, can screw metal spikes into the top of his skull, has a split tongue and generally looks extremely frightening. also worth bearing in mind is that he split his own tongue using dental floss and did all his own piercings.

4. Pauly Unstoppable
With a name like ‘unstoppable’ you’d be stupid to give up on the modifications after a couple of earrings. this guy has surely the largest nostrils in the western world (if you look closely i’m almost certain you can see his brain) plus a huge array of other ‘body mods’ to his name including scars cut into his cheeks and forehead, a split tongue, domes implanted under the skin of his forehead and many many more.

3. The Lizardman
Born eric sprague in 1972, the lizardman was one of the first people to have a split tongue and in some circles is seen to be wholly responsible for the recent popularity of this particular modification. pretty much all of his body is covered in green scale tattoos, his teeth have been filed down to sharp points and he has numerous silicon teflon implants in his head.
Below is an interview with the lizardman - check out the forked tongue action.

2. Lucky Diamond Rich
it goes without saying that this guy is officially the most tattooed person in the world - he swiped the record from our friend tom leppard at #10 in 2006. he has tattoos everywhere, some of the stranger places including his eyelids, inside his ears and even on his gums. it’s apparently a work in progress and has so far included the efforts of hundreds of tattoo artists and over 1,000 hrs of pain.

Obviously, he can also swallow swords.
1. Stalking Cat

First place was always gonna go to 44 yr old dennis avner, aka stalking cat. i remember a few years ago watching a documentary about him and nearly crying when his face appeared for the first time, my brain simply wasn’t able to process the sight. he looks like a cross between jocelyn wildenstein and the beast from the old beauty & the beast tv programme and he’s gone the whole hog in terms of body modification: tattoos, silicon implants on his face, pointed teeth, surgically pointed ears, piercings, attachable whiskers, claws, a bifurcated top lip and even an animatronic tiger’s tail. he says he’s been going through these procedures for the past 20 years because he grew up in a native american tribe and his belief in their customs drove him to transform into his totem animal - the tiger.


Monday, August 27, 2007

Salman Khan in Jodhpur jail

Salman Khan was on Saturday lodged in the same jail and barrack where he had spent two days and three nights in 2006.

He was arrested and jailed soon after landing in Jodhpur from Mumbai to surrender in the black buck poaching case, after the Jodhpur district and sessions court on Friday rejected his appeal against a five-year prison term awarded by a lower court.

He was picked up from the airport here by a police team headed by additional superintendent of police Sawai Singh Godhara when he arrived with his brother Sohail and lawyer Dipesh Mehta.

Salman was produced before the chief judicial magistrate who had issued the non-bailable warrant, since he was not present in the sessions court when his appeal was rejected.

Hours later, a revision petition was filed on his behalf by his lawyer Hastimal Saraswatin at the Rajasthan high court challenging the five-year jail term.

Katrina Kaif visits Salman Khan in jail
The star, who is being held in barrack number 1, had a sleepless night on Saturday, sources said. He read a novel but avoided any interaction with other prisoners, they said.

Prisoner No. 343 in the Central Jail here, Salman Khan, had some special visitors on Sunday - his girlfriend Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif and other members of his family.

Katrina arrived here from Mumbai in the afternoon with Salman's brother Arbaaz and sisters Alvira and Arpita to meet the star, who was arrested on Saturday in the wake of a local court rejecting his appeal against a five-year jail term in a poaching case.

Though the jail's visiting hours for the day had ended, the superintendent allowed Katrina and the others to meet Salman for half an hour at 3 pm.

Sources said relatives can meet prisoners only between 9 am and 11 am on Sundays.

Katrina and Arbaaz refused to speak to reporters, who were waiting with Salman's fans at the airport here.

Salman, was arrested and sent to jail shortly after he arrived here on Saturday to surrender after losing his appeal in the chinkara poaching case.

The star, who is being held in barrack number 1, had a sleepless night on Saturday, sources said. He read a novel but avoided any interaction with other prisoners, they said.

After a breakfast of "chana" and tea, Salman was examined this morning by a medical team that found him healthy, sources said.

The actor is attired in the regulation white prison dress like everyone else and gets no special treatment.

"We will follow the jail manual strictly and no additional (facilities) will be provided to Salman," senior jail official Ota Ram said.

The actor would be allowed to meet three people in 15 days.

Since the actor had been sentenced to undergo ‘simple imprisonment', he would not have to do hard labour, the official said.

According to legal experts, Salman's bail plea can be taken up only on Monday. However, his lawyers filed a revision petition in the Rajasthan High Court on Saturday.

His counsel Hastimal Saraswat said: "We have filed a revision petition in the high court. Though the court does not sit on Saturday but the court office is open, so we are filing the petition. We will also plead for his bail when the court hears our petition."

Sun Certified Java Programmer.

This post is intended for SCJP exam. The Sun Certified Java Programmers Exam (SCJP) is the internationally recognized.

Earning a sun certification provides a clear demonstration of the core java scjp skills. This page is devoted to Java programmer certification, the exam which is commonly known as SCJP. The page contains links to several excellent resources for sun certification java.

Resources for java certification SCJP exam. There are mock exams and other useful java links availabe easily on the net.

For clearing SCJP tests you need to know the basics of core java. There are three variations in SCJP.

CX-310-025 for SCJP 1.2

Exam type - Multiple choice and short answer
Total Questions - 59
Pass score - 61% i.e. 36 of 69 questions must be answered

CX-310-035 for SCJP 1.4

Exam type - Multiple choice and short answer
Total Questions - 61
Pass score - 52% i.e. 32 of 61 questions must be answered

CX-310-055 for SCJP 1.5 / SCJP 5.0

Exam type - Multiple choice and short answer
Total Questions - 72
Pass score - 59% i.e. 43 of 72 questions must be answered

SCJP 5.0 is the latest Entry Level Certification exam provided by SUN Microsystems. SCJP 5.0 is based up on J2SE 5.0. I recommend that u should choose J2SE 1.4 as it has more resources on the web. The fee is around $150. You can buy a Voucher online and take the test at any thompson optometric center (the voucher would be valid for 1 year using which you get 20% discount).

The recommended scjp books that you need to follow are:

1. A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification
by Khalid Azim Mughal, Rolf Rasmussen

2. Sun Certified Programmer & Developer for Java 2 Study Guide (Exam 310-035 & 310-027)
Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The New Look Orkut.

Orkut is changing to attain a new stylish, sleek and modern look. Here is a blog report directly from the Orkut blog.
"When you think Google, you picture primary colors; when you think orkut, you see blue. And though we're updating the look, we're staying true to blue. We've added some rounded corners and new icons that make orkut look a little more sleek and modern. Check out a screen shot of the new homepage.

We're rolling it out to groups of users at a time over the next week.

So keep commenting about how you feel about this new look and about the orkutting blues.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Virtual Telescope from Google Earth called Sky

LONDON (Reuters) - Popular mapping service Google Earth will launch a new feature called Sky, a "virtual telescope" that the search engine hopes will turn millions of Internet users into stargazers.

Google, which created Google Earth to give Internet users an astronaut's view that can zoom to street level, said the service would be a playground for learning about space.

"Never before has a roadmap of the entire sky been made so readily available," said Dr. Carol Christian of the Space Telescope Science Institute, who co-led the institute's Sky team.

"Sky in Google Earth will foster and initiate new understanding of the universe by bringing it to everyone's home computer."

Like Google Earth, Sky will enable users to float and zoom in on over 100 million individual stars and 200 million galaxies. Users will view the sky as seen from earth.

It has created different layers which will show the life of a star, constellations, high-resolution images provided by the Hubble Space Telescope and a users guide to galaxies.

A backyard astronomy layer lets users click through stars, galaxies and nebulae visible to the eye, binoculars and small telescopes.

The imagery was stitched together from numerous third parties including the Digital Sky Survey Consortium, the United Kingdom Astronomy Technology Centre and the Anglo-Australian Observatory. The imagery will be updated over time.

Google Earth launched in June 2005 to combine its search service with satellite imagery, maps and 3D building to display geographical information of the world. The search engine says over 250 million people have downloaded it.

The Sky service will be available on all Google Earth domains, in 13 languages. Users will need to download the newest version of Google Earth which can be found at

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Product Advisory: Nokia BL-5C battery

Dear Nokia Customer,

This is a product advisory for the Nokia-branded BL-5C battery manufactured by Matsushita Battery Industrial Co. Ltd. of Japan between December 2005 and November 2006. This product advisory does not apply to any other Nokia battery.

Nokia has identified that in very rare cases the affected batteries could potentially experience over heating initiated by a short circuit while charging, causing the battery to dislodge. Nokia is working closely with relevant local authorities to investigate this situation.

Nokia has several suppliers for BL-5C batteries that have collectively produced more than 300 million BL-5C batteries. This advisory applies only to the 46 million batteries manufactured by Matsushita between December 2005 and November 2006. There have been approximately 100 incidents of over heating reported globally. No serious injuries or property damage have been reported.

Consumers with a BL-5C battery subject to this advisory should note that all of the approximately 100 incidents have occurred while charging the battery. According to Nokia's knowledge this issue does not affect any other use of the mobile device. Concerned consumers may want to monitor a mobile device while charging that contains a BL-5C battery subject to this product advisory.

While the occurence in the BL-5C batteries produced by Matsushita in the time-period specified is very rare, for consumers wishing to do so, Nokia and Matsushita offer to replace for free any BL-5C battery subject to this product advisory.

The BL-5C batteries which are subject to the product advisory were used with the following Nokia models or separately as accessories:

Nokia 1100, Nokia 1100c, Nokia 1101, Nokia 1108, Nokia 1110, Nokia 1112, Nokia 1255, Nokia 1315, Nokia 1600, Nokia 2112, Nokia 2118, Nokia 2255, Nokia 2272, Nokia 2275, Nokia 2300, Nokia 2300c, Nokia 2310, Nokia 2355, Nokia 2600, Nokia 2610, Nokia 2610b, Nokia 2626, Nokia 3100, Nokia 3105, Nokia 3120, Nokia 3125, Nokia 6030, Nokia 6085, Nokia 6086, Nokia 6108, Nokia 6175i, Nokia 6178i, Nokia 6230, Nokia 6230i, Nokia 6270, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6631, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6682, Nokia 6820, Nokia 6822, Nokia 7610, Nokia N70, Nokia N71, Nokia N72, Nokia N91, Nokia E50, Nokia E60

This product advisory applies also to the following accessories:

Nokia Wireless GPS Module LD-1W, Nokia Wireless GPS Module LD-3W

“Nokia” and “BL-5C” are printed on the front of the battery. On the back of the battery, the Nokia mark appears at the top, and the battery identification number (consisting of 26 characters) is found at the bottom. If the battery identification number does not contain 26 characters, it is not subject to this product advisory.

If you are interested to know if your battery is part of this product advisory, please follow the two steps below:

1) Switch off your mobile device and check the battery model. If your battery is not a BL-5C model, you are not included in this product advisory and your product will not be replaced.


2) If your battery is a BL-5C model, remove the battery and check the 26-character identification number from the back of the battery. Enter the identification number in the field below and you will be advised if your battery may be replaced.


For the link to the page for Battery identification number and replacement request is Click here.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lady Myth

India's First Woman President in office today. And on this occassion this post has some Censored thoughts about Indian politics.
A history created or transforming India pushed to history. The nation of snake charmers gets a queen who has a knack in communicating with ghosts and spirits.
Most of you are intelligent enough to make guesses.
Yes,the Country gets its succesor to the man of missile and science inform of a lady of mysticism.
No pun intended, but still her magical moment is here to stay.
Although Mrs Patil won the prez election fair and square but we shouldn't forget the contribution that was made by gender bias educated political class of India. Suprisingly, they were biased towards woman not man. And ya, even the sacreligious MLA's of Madhya Pradesh who wrote "Jai Shri Ram" or "Om" on the ballot paper to show there support to Mr Sikhawat but in vain. Don't know should i laugh at the state of country's MLA's or forget the incident.
The celebrations started on the eve of the elections when the so called Empress Mrs Sonia Gandhi threw a DINNER BASH for all her puppets including the lady myth and the men in blue turban. The food was supposedly so delicious or magical that Mr Farooq Abdullah changed his mood and supported our lady myth for the election just to figure in the guest list of the bash and be part of this magical moment creating history.
I won't be suprised if the next time if a Presidential Rule is imposed on a state to bring peace, then yagna's might be performed on the roads under the influence of our new prez, the lady myth.
Many of you must have heard SRK saying
" Haar ke jitne waale ko baazigar kahte hai"
but that was reel life in real life only Sonia Gandhi is the true baazigar. Our Italian kingmaker is the only lady in the history of our democratic Country to virtually hold the all important post of The Prime Minister and even the most respected post in the Country of the President. She is the baazigar. Hats off to her.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Kiss of TAJ!!!

With invitation going to our bong babe Bips.. It was somewhat clear that TAJ would do figure in the final list of the Seven Wonders.
Congrats to all my fellow countrymen on this achievement who took this issue of shortlisting Taj as a matter of ijjat and started an advertising campaign of the scale never seen before. From orkut scrapes to mails in inbox. The issue reached the most of internet surfing educated class of India and they truely followed the spirit of TAJ.
But what happened at the ceremony was the eighth wonder in itself. The real and devouring feast for eyes was the scene of Bipasha with portugal and man u star. On top of it was the lip lock between them. No girl from our country would miss such a chance if it comes there way. The bong fantasies for futbol must have added to the craze of Bipasha. So dont look at the matter as a kiss in some relationship or something but a kiss from the fan to football star..
But whatever.. still i would say!!Oooh!! unlucky looser John GOAL Abraham. Flop movie and a flop relationship!!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

7 Wonders:: Taj! wah! Taj.

The new seven wonders list will be out on Saturday night. We unravel some of the myths surrounding the Taj Mahal.

It's a marvel in marble, a symbol of eternal love. But the Taj is also a source of many legends.

For over 300 years, the Taj has attracted many a visitor right from travellers to architects, inspired work of art and even to a lot of curiosity. Its history is peppered with legends, another reason that has attracted many.

Writer Firoz Bakht Ahmed says, “Word of mouth has lead to a number of legends to crop up.”

The Taj is considered to be the epitome of love of a man for his wife. The proof of Shah Jahan's devotion to his beloved Arjuman Bano Begum, but is the Taj just that? A monument to mark Shah Jahan's love for his dead wife?

“It could be that he erected the structure to be remembered as a legend,” Bakht added.

And did this desire to achieve greatness lead the Mughal emperor to cut off the arms of the 20,000 workers who spent 22 years to raise this monument?

According to one myth, Shah Jahan committed this barbaric act to ensure that a similar structure of such grandeur was never built. How far is this true?

Bakht said, “Not true, was a compassionate ruler, theory maybe floated by the British.”

And what about the myth of the Black Taj. It is believed that Shah Jahan wanted to build another mausoleum, exactly identical to the Taj Mahal, except it was to be in black marble. So where is this black Taj?

“Maybe because his son imprisoned him, “Bakht said.

These legends may not have a seal of approval of historians but one thing is for sure they have kept the mystery and intrigue around the Taj alive and thus it's lure.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Indian Government And its CenSorship moves.

Most of us must have heard of the vibrating condom ring scandal that rocked Madhya Pradesh. For those who did not here is a gist og this funny incident :

Hindustan Latex had created a battery-operated vibrating condom (Crezendo as they called it) which offended the moral police in Madhya Pradesh because they felt it was a “sex toy” and since adults should never play with toys, they wanted it , predictably banned. Now what is to be figured out is how thiis problem was brought to the attention of the minister who campaigned passionately against Crezendo. From his words on CNN-IBN

"yeh prasn is liye utha hain kyon ki ek vidyarthi mere paas aaaya aur kaha ki yeh vibrating ring lekar hostel ke andar vidyarthi iske upayog kar rahe hain aur iske marketing ho rahee hain. vidyarthi agar padhne ke samay main is prakar ki vibrating ring ka upyog karta hain to main samajhta hoon ki yeh kisi ke liye chinta ki vishaaye ho sakti hain."

Which means that one day, our honourable minister, in the course of his peregrinations, was approached by a student whose complaint was not the unavailability of books in the library, or of placement opportunities or the need to upgrade campus facilities. No. His complaint was that some students had vibrating condoms on their walking sticks. Displaying sagacity of the highest form, the minister realized that if “vidyarthis” are racked with repeated eruptions from battery-operated enhancements while studying (parne ke samay), a generation of young men will be created solely dependent on automation for even the simplest of tasks, unable to use their hands.

Moved deeply by this vulgarity, this minister demanded an all-party meeting to be convened by the Prime Minister to discuss this matter of urgent national importance. No more G8 summits. Just G-spots.

I have always been thrilled by our erected sorry elected representatives protecting us from vulgarity . People like Priya Praneshwari Das Munshi, our I&B chief and the saviour of Indian football who tirelessly led India’s over optimistic and unsuccessful bids for hosting the football world cup through ceaseless criscrossing of Europe and the Americas on the taxpayer’s account and has since brought to his job as the country’s moral supremo the same selfless and punishing work-ethic.

From the Telegraph:

A monitoring process (for vulgarity on TV) does exist, besides Das Munshi himself, who has said he sometimes stays up late to monitor television content.

So while his constituents sleep in the comfort of their bed, the minister is up at night, lights turned off, surfing the channels to watch the level of debauchery being shown, sometimes perhaps even with the sound off.

Don’t get me wrong here. I really love being protected from flashing breasts at 1 o’clock and that college kid who walks funny. But what really gets my goat is the vulgarity that assails me each day I open the newspaper.

Like Mayawati “revealing her assets” (the headline from TOI). And what assets those are ! Add up Pam Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith and Sushmita Sen and you still get a puny fraction of her 52 crore bounty (and these are the assets she “chooses” to reveal: what she keeps “choli ke peeche” must be many times that). All of which she claims she earned through “voluntary donations” from the downtrodden members of the BSP.

Like the fact that Pratibha Tai, who disbursed crores of government money as “bad loans” to her relatives, thus bankrupting a cooperative bank, is soon going to be the next President of India. That she makes statements which would make Dada Kondke go red in the face— like “Dadiji ke shareer mein baba aye” and “He also made me very lucky” only adds insult to injury.No doubt one can get a better replacement for man who is the workforce behind Indian Missiles.

Someone somewhere really needs to put a stop to this shameless obscenity. But what to do? As long as mammaries jiggle and organs wriggle, the best and brightest of the land are otherwise occupied and automation is banned even there.

So what should have been CenSorEd and morale policing should watch are people like these which makes us thinks twice where is this country leading us to?

For more of such sizzling CenSorE news keep visiting CenSorE.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bypass CenSorship::: Test your site on cell phone::Visit any site by bypassing your firewall or your network administrator.

This one is very interesting and useful for many people like me. For instance, many of the websites like - Flickr is restricted in Iran & UAE, BBC & Wikipedia are blocked in China, Blogspot blogs are banned in Pakistan, YouTube & Photobucket are prohibited for US army overseas while social sites like Bebo, MySpace, Orkut or Facebook may be blocked in your workplace like mine.

At places access to mail websites like Yahoo or GMail is also blocked under the pretext of security. Ans many of us have to even see this FortiGaurd page with title Webfilter Violation. How irritating is that experience?

Here i suggest a way to make your web surfing more restriction free.

Proxy Servers are one such method which can be used to access such sites. But they might be slow or also be blocked. But here i bring forward a new method for unblocking websites - you'll probably enjoy it more than the previous techniques because it takes the geekiness out of the whole process and make it extremely easy to access blocked URLs.

Opera provides a free online tool called Opera Mini Simulator that simulates the Opera mobile phone browser on your desktop computer. The tool is fabricated in java and is by web designers for testing their website layouts on mobile phone devices without actually using a mobile phone.

As you probably guessed it by now, this Opera Browser Simulator can also be used for accessing web pages that may be blocked on your computer. Since the requests are made via the website, they would easily bypass the local filtering. As you see the process is similar to proxy servers and its just that opera websites acts as your server in such cases.

To open any site in Opera, follow the syntax given below and start browsing. Very simple isn't it..[URL] - example

For example::

The Opera Simulator is very useful for secured sites that require cookies.
for instance, you can check your Hotmail emails via Opera.

You are restricted to the tiny 200x200 screen of Opera simulator, but still the tool is very useful.
Opera recently launched version 4 of the Mini simulator that offers a better browsing experience than the previous version. You can access v4.0 of Mini simulator here.

Friday, June 29, 2007

MySpace vs Youtube

MySpace will rename and relaunch its video sharing service as MySpaceTV on Thursday, according to the NY Times.
MySpace TV will operate as a standalone service and is being billed as a direct competitor to YouTube. We’ve speculated on News Corps plans for a YouTube competitor previously; rumors first surfaced in December 06 and more recently NBC and News Corp were to launch a site in March. Nothing much has happened since aside from an upgrade to MySpace Video that included branded channels in May. Thursday’s launch of MySpaceTV may well be the long awaited NBC/ News Corp YouTube killer. It’s probably a case of MySpace TV being better late than never in launching, even if YouTube has doubled its traffic since October and is now even harder to challenge.
Online social networking powerhouse MySpace has set out to knock YouTube from its throne by launching a website devoted to Internet video and television shows.

MySpaceTV is a platform for homemade video and professional productions, such as news programs and "webisodes" made for the Internet of US shows like Prom Queen.

"This works just as well for NBC and Fox and for the aspiring Steven Spielberg as it does for the kid doing skateboard tricks on the weekend," MySpace vice-president Jeff Berman told AFP.

"We've seen video explode as a way for users to connect."

The test program unveiled is customised in seven languages for the US Internet firm's users worldwide.

The site's creators hope to replicate the success of MySpace, which gets more visitors than any other website in the United States and is the most popular online social community in the world, according to industry statistics.

The teen-oriented website is a forum in which people share pictures, journal entries, videos, music and more on personalised profile pages.

MySpaceTV is taking on YouTube, the undisputed king of online video sharing.

Its share of the US market surged 70 per cent in the first five months of 2007, reports tracking firm Hitwise.

Since February, MySpace has gained on Google-owned YouTube when it comes to the numbers of videos streamed to people's computers

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


A new poll have been added to the page. Do vote and share your opinion with other readers.

TCS Softwares in Ferrari Cars.

This News article is unique in itself as it identifies the new heights which India's Software Industry is scaling.Read Enjoy and feel proud to be an Indian.

Software major Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which entered into an agreement to provide entire software requirement to Scuderia Ferrari for its Formula one cars, on Tuesday said it plans to enhance relationship with the Italian auto major.

"We plan to adopt offshoring model to provide software to Ferrari. We are enhancing our relationship with Ferrari, which requires high precision jobs," TCS Chief Executive Officer S Ramadorai said.

He said the agreement with Ferrari was a prestigious feat by any Indian company and was unique in many ways than one, since FI cars are very complex in nature, in which a nano second makes a whole lot of difference.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Indian Media:: I hate it.

By the time u guys read this news, the body of Major Manish Pitambare, who was shot dead at Anantnag, would have been cremated with full military honors.

On Tuesday, this news swept across all the news channels 'Sanjay Dutt relieved by court'. 'Sirf Munna not a bhai' '13 saal ka vanvaas khatam' 'although found guilty for possession of armory, Sanjay can breath sigh of relief as all the TADA charges against him are withdrawn' Then many personalities like Salman Khan said 'He is a good person. We knew he will come out clean'. Mr Big B said "Dutt's family and our family have relations for years he's a good kid. He is like elder brother to Abhishek". His sister Priya Dutt said "we can sleep well tonight. It's a great relief"
Sanjay Dutt

In other news, Parliament was mad at Indian team for performing bad; Greg Chappell said something; Shah Rukh Khan replaces Amitabh in KBC and other such stuff. But most of the emphasis was given on Sanjay Dutt's "phoenix like" comeback from the ashes of terrorist charges. Surfing through the channels, one news on BBC startled me. It read "Hisbul Mujahidin's most wanted terrorist 'Sohel Faisal' killed in Anantnag , India . Indian Major leading the operation lost his life in the process. Four others are injured.

It was past midnight , I started visiting the stupid Indian channels, but Sanjay Dutt was still ruling. They were telling how Sanjay pleaded to the court saying 'I'm the sole bread earner for my family', 'I have a daughter who is studying in US' and so on. Then they showed how Sanjay was not wearing his lucky blue shirt while he was hearing the verdict and also how he went to every temple and prayed for the last few months. A suspect in Mumbai bomb blasts, convicted under armory act...was being transformed into a hero.

Sure Sanjay Dutt has a daughter; Sure he did not do any terrorist activity. Possessing an AK47 is considered too elementary in terrorist community and also one who possesses an AK47 has a right to possess a pistol so that again is not such a big crime; Sure Sanjay Dutt went to all the temples;
Sure he did a lot of Gandhigiri but then........ ..

Major Manish H Pitambare got the information from his sources about the terrorists' whereabouts. Wasting no time he attacked the camp, killed Hisbul Mujahidin's supremo and in the process lost his life to the bullets fired from an AK47. He is survived by a wife and daughter (just like Sanjay Dutt) who's only 18 months old.

Major Manish never said 'I have a daughter' before he took the decision to attack the terrorists in the darkest of nights. He never thought about having a family and he being the bread earner. No news channel covered this since they were too busy hyping a former drug addict, a suspect who's linked to bomb blasts which killed hundreds. Their aim was to show how he defied the TADA charges and they were so successful that his conviction in possession of armory had no meaning. They also concluded that his parents in heaven must be happy and proud of him.

Parents of Major Manish are still living and they have to live rest of their lives without their beloved son. His daughter won't ever see her daddy again.
Major Manish Pitambare

So guys what do you think.. Is our news channel a mere entertainment portal or do they give some solid news??

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pencil at work:: Website of the month June.

Have you ever wondered what is the effect pencil can have.. I mean the depth of emotions a pencil sketch can generate.. The different colors a simple lead pencil exhibit.. I started wondering all these when i came across PenciatWork. A site which belongs to some pencil sketch artist in India.

So you must be wondering whats so unique about this page. Then my answer is lots. To start with it has a very different and interesting web design. The Home page in itself is a collage of some of his works. With a slip note that acts as an index frame. And as the name of the website goes PencilatWork .. there is no mouse pointer to navigate!! Surprised don worry they provide a pencil to navigate with which one can draw also as much he desires.

The Gallery is in form of a card of which one have to change each and every page to view his piece of art.. Each work is a master piece in itself. And you would see lots of celebrities from the angry looking Amithabh Bachan to of beautiful and ever smiling Julia Roberts.

Moreover it also has a Tutorial for the beginners who wanna take up the art as hobby.The design of the tutorial is in form of a booklet which highlights the fine pints of this art.

Finding it interesring and wanna Order one for yourself then visit the ordering section and be owner of a masterpiece.

So with no doubt at all PencilatWork is the website of the
month for CenSorE visitors. Do visit the page to find out more.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pakistan ranked 12th among 'failed states':: sources The Times of India

This is an article which i felt i should share with my blog readers. the complete aricle as on The Times of India is given below::

LAHORE: Pakistan has been ranked the 12th most unstable country in the world, according to the 2007 Failed State Index while Sudan has topped the infamous list for the second year in a row.

While Afghanistan is ranked eighth, Pakistan is ahead of North Korea at 13th. Sudan has been placed on top of the index, largely because of the humanitarian catastrophe in Darfur. The Foreign Policy magazine issued the index.

From the earlier fourth position, Iraq now ranks as the second most unstable country.

The other seven countries in the top 10 are all in Africa. They include Somalia, Zimbabwe, the Ivory Coast and Congo.

The index of 177 countries gives each country points out of 10 for twelve "social indicators of instability", with higher scores indicating greater instability.

Pakistan was widely perceived as "a failed state' at the turn of the century. The economy turned around gradually after the US poured in funds and arms in the wake of 9/11 and the war in Afghanistan.

Pakistan's highest scores were for 'security apparatus' (9.5), 'factionalised elites' (9.5) and 'group grievance' (9.0). Its best score was for the economy (5.8).

In a parallel series of reports, the Fund for Peace, a research and advocacy group, has suggested a policy of managed partition for Iraq.

The experiences of Iraq, as well as Afghanistan, show that billions of dollars in aid may be futile unless accompanied by a functioning government.

The link to the article is given::

The Times of India.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

RontokBro virus::solution for missing folder options, registry editor.

Solution for Folder options missing , Registry editing disabled by Administrator Information about Virus.

  • * Solution to resolve your problem
  • * How to disable or enable Windows Me System Restore
  • * How to turn off or turn on Windows XP System Restore
  • * Tool to reset shell\open\command registry subkeys

Infected by virus name RontokBro@Mn

W32.Rontokbro@mm is a mass-mailing worm that causes system instability

Details of this Virus :

When W32.Rontokbro@mm is executed, it performs the following actions:

1. Copies itself as the following files:

* C:\Windows\PIF\CVT.exe
* %UserProfile%\APPDATA\IDTemplate.exe
* %UserProfile%\APPDATA\services.exe
* %UserProfile%\APPDATA\lsass.exe
* %UserProfile%\APPDATA\inetinfo.exe
* %UserProfile%\APPDATA\csrss.exe
* %UserProfile%\APPDATA\winlogon.exe
* %UserProfile%\Programs\Startup\Empty.pif
* %UserProfile%\Templates\
* %System%\3D Animation.scr

* %System% is a variable that refers to the System folder. By default this is C:\Windows\System (Windows 95/98/Me), C:\Winnt\System32 (Windows NT/2000), or C:\Windows\System32 (Windows XP).
* %UserProfile% is a variable that refers to the current user's profile folder. By default, this is C:\Documents and Settings\[CURRENT USER] (Windows NT/2000/XP).

2. Creates the folder:

%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Bron.tok-24

3. Overwrites C:\Autoexec.bat with the following text:


4. Adds the value:

"Tok-Cirrhatus" = "%UserProfile%\APPDATA\IDTemplate.exe"

to the registry subkey:


so that it runs every time Windows starts.
5. Adds the value:

"Bron-Spizaetus" = "C:\WINDOWS\PIF\CVT.exe"

to the registry subkey:


so that it runs every time Windows starts.

6. Modifies the value:

"DisableRegistryTools" = "1"
"DisableCMD" = "2"

in the registry subkey:


7. Modifies the value:

"NoFolderOptions" = "1"

in the registry subkey:


8. Adds a task to the Windows scheduler to execute the following file at 5:08 PM every day:


9. Reboots the computer when it detects a window whose title contains one of the following strings:

* ..
* .@
* @.
* .ASP
* .EXE
* .HTM
* .JS
* .PHP
* CMD.
* FOO@
* HP.
* IBM.
* NOD32
* SUN.
* W3.

10. May also launch a ping flood attack on the following sites:


11. Gathers email addresses from files with the following extensions on all local drives from C to Y:

* .asp
* .cfm
* .csv
* .doc
* .eml
* .html
* .php
* .txt
* .wab

12. Avoids sending itself to email addresses that contain any of the following strings in the domain name:

* .CO.ID
* .GO.ID
* .OR.ID
* .AC.ID

13. May append the following prefixes to domain names in an attempt to find Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) servers:

* smtp.
* mail.
* ns1.

14. Uses its own SMTP engine to send itself to the email addresses that it finds. The email has the following characteristics:


Subject: [BLANK]

BRONTOK.A [ By: H[REMOVED]Community ]
-- Hentikan kebobrokan di negeri ini --
1. Adili Koruptor, Penyelundup, Tukang Suap, Penjudi, & Bandar NARKOBA
2. Stop Free Sex, Absorsi, & Prostitusi
3. Stop (pencemaran laut & sungai), pembakaran hutan & perburuan liar.
Terinspirasi oleh: Elang Brontok (Spizaetus Cirrhatus) yang hampir punah[ By: H[REMOVED]unity --




* Disable System Restore (Windows Me/XP).
* Update the virus definitions if you have any anti-virus program.
* Run a full system scan and delete all the files detected. Use the Security Response "Tool to reset shell\open\command registry subkeys."
* Delete any values added to the registry.
* Delete the scheduled task.

1. To disable System Restore (Windows Me/XP)

If you are running Windows Me or Windows XP, we recommend that you temporarily turn off System Restore. Windows Me/XP uses this feature, which is enabled by default, to restore the files on your computer in case they become damaged. If a virus, worm, or Trojan infects a computer, System Restore may back up the virus, worm, or Trojan on the computer.

Windows prevents outside programs, including antivirus programs, from modifying System Restore. Therefore, antivirus programs or tools cannot remove threats in the System Restore folder. As a result, System Restore has the potential of restoring an infected file on your computer, even after you have cleaned the infected files from all the other locations.

Also, a virus scan may detect a threat in the System Restore folder even though you have removed the threat.
4. Navigate to the subkey:


5. In the right pane, delete the value:

"Bron-Spizaetus" = "C:\WINDOWS\PIF\CVT.exe"

6. Exit the Registry Editor.

6. To delete the scheduled tasks added by the worm

Click Start, and then click Control Panel. (In Windows XP, switch to Classic View.)
In the Control Panel window, double click Scheduled Tasks.
Right click the task icon and select Properties from pop-up menu.
The properties of the task is displayed.
Delete the task if the contents of the Run text box in the task pane, matches the following:


How to turn off or turn on Windows XP System Restore

* Click Start.


Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.


On the System Restore tab, check Turn off System Restore or Turn off System Restore on all drives. If you do not see the System Restore tab, you are not logged on to Windows as an Administrator.


Click Apply.


When you see the confirmation message, click Yes.

* Click OK.

2. To update the virus definitions

Update your definitions with any anti-virus program you have.

3. To scan for and delete the infected files

1. Run a full system scan.
2. If any files are detected, click Delete.

4. Using the Security Response "Tool to reset shell\open\command registry subkeys."
This risk makes changes to the Windows registry that may prevent you from running executable files. Security Response has developed a tool to reset these values to the default settings. This tool is the easiest way to fix this.

As part of their routine, many worms and Trojans make changes to the registry. Some of them change one or more of the shell\open\command keys. If these keys are changed, the worm or Trojan will run each time that you run certain files.

For example, if the \exefile\shell\open\command key is changed, the threat will run each time that you run any .exe file. This may also stop you from running the Registry Editor to try to fix this.

They may also change a registry value so that you cannot run the Registry Editor at all.


1. Download the file UnHookExec.inf and save it to your Windows desktop.

(If you cannot connect to the Internet from the infected computer, download to an uninfected computer then save it to a floppy disk. Then take the floppy disk and insert it in the floppy disk drive of the infected computer.)

Note: The tool has a .inf file extension.

2. Locate the download file, either on the Windows desktop or the floppy disk.

3. Right-click the UnHookExec.inf file and click install. (This is a small file. It does not display any notice or boxes when you run it.)

4. Follow any other instructions for the threat that you are trying to remove.

5. To delete the value from the registry

Important: We strongly recommends that you back up the registry before making any changes to it. Incorrect changes to the registry can result in permanent data loss or corrupted files.

Manual steps to export registry subkeys
You can follow these steps to export a registry subkey before you edit it.

Note:: Do not follow these steps to export a whole registry subtree. (HKEY_CURRENT_USER is an example of such a subtree.) If you must back up whole registry subtrees, back up the whole registry instead.

1. Click Start, and then click Run.
2. In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.
3. Locate and then click the subkey that contains the value that you want to edit.
4. On the File menu, click Export.
5. In the Save in box, select a location where you want to save the Registration Entries (.reg) file, type a file name in the File name box, and then click Save.

Modify the specified subkeys only.

1. Click Start > Run.
2. Type regedit
3. Click OK.

Note: If the registry editor fails to open the threat may have modified the registry to prevent access to the registry.