Professional education in Indian schools !!!!!!!

The question is outright simple and straight “Is our education system good enough to impart quality education after more then fifty years of independence?” and the answer is a straight NO.
Here I am not going to argue about different aspects of education system, but only about one aspect and that is computer education. As I see it the C++ knowledge that I achieved at my plus 2 level should have been imparted to me at class 6 or 7. Seriously, after knowing the vast ocean of computers the syllabus that we follow is clearly outdated, the structure and methodology is ancient. Mind you, here I am talking about the arguably the best educational board in the country, namely CBSE.
As most of us are very well aware about the vast competition in professional world and in competitive circles the not so good course acts as a misery to the person.
Tell me one thing, why is a person or better to say child or a boy had to learn sciences at 9th and 10th standard? And why is a youth interested in computers had to go through Schorindger theory of atomic structure at 11th and 12th standards?
These are numerous such instances, which destroys the inbuilt talents of today’s youth.
Have you ever wondered that why is it that India is unable to produce its own OS or have never performed satisfactory in Olympics even though we are the second most populated country in the world? Is it anyway that we lack talent? No that’s not the problem…the problem is that we kill talent. I want to know when will these people stop doing that.
I hope a change is soon brought about before it’s too late.


  1. hmmm.. suggest something dude.. how to go abt it.. it sounds to be ineresting enuf.....

  2. what can u be more specific...

  3. do u wan to be eduction minister bugger..

  4. R u a professor or something..


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