General elections 2014

I usually don't tend to write about politics. But this time around it has started effecting me. I have been reading news paper since early days and have been much aware of the previous elections. But this time around I am shocked and feel utter disgraced to witness such cheap politics which all the parties are playing for upcoming general elections. I don't know whom to blame, politicians, media, people or myself but everything around looks so gloomy.
There is not a single candidate whom I have utter respect for or a single source of media whose information can be trusted. The ruling party has brought a candidate who feels that poverty is a state of mind while opposition's prime ministerial candidate is an extremist with glorious past. Then there are smaller outfits who cannot lead the country yet.
The media be it TV , print or internet have fallen down to just being a marketing tools for these over manipulative politicians. Each news piece comes up like an Axe advertisement or the ads which we saw during coke vs Pepsi marketing war in early 2000s.
The entire scenario makes me feel that this is the generation of shows like big boss because each speech of the politicians reminds me of the same. Where are the days when elections were won on strong propaganda of development?
More I retrospect the more I regret not taking the easy path of MS in USA and then easy life in states. Then the love for the country and people stopped me, now I realize love is just an over hyped word.


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