Vinyl Records in Bangalore.

Ever since I bought old hand wound gramophone,  have been looking out to buy o more records.

Being a 78 rpm, finding quality records is not only difficult but impossible. After lots of Google searches later, I found this store on Avenue road, Bangalore which sells these vintage collectibles.
So come Saturday, I sat out on exploring one of the busiest and the buzziest market area. Opposite the balaji temple, near chikpet circle on avenue road is this store which from our side looks like any other store selling brass and metal trinkets.

is Seethaphone Company which sells all form of Gramophone records. Although the board say the store timing to be 11.30 but it does not opens before 12.45 PM. So plan accordingly.

Vinyl Records are priced at Rs 100 while LP records were available for 20-30 bucks. The small talk with the uncle selling them was quite interesting and on when asked for Beatles records he answered, "if you have one please get me, I would pay you Rs 50k".
They undertake repair services for gramophones also. On one of the discussions, he suggested to clean old records with kerosene oil for "immense pleasure".

I will suggest one to stop and eat the yummy breakfast at the Coffee house at Cubbonpet.

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