Inbox From Google: Review

In an another attempt to reorganise the way email communications work Google has come out with Inbox.

Here, google has attempted to use machine learning and nlp for better organise email with a more intuitive UX.

I believe this time they have utilised there learnings from Wave failure and have not attempted to change the core email component. But as people are slowly getting use to the timeline kind of UX, they have attempted to preserve that in email and top it up with the new features which they have always wanted to try but restricted by the plain UX of email, like "See pull request", "See flight status."
Moreover, seems like this being designed specifically for phone devices.

Lets see how useful this cool thing becomes. Never the less, please request an invite by sending a mail to

I have requested mine and write a review as soon as I get an invite.

I got an invite and have started using Inbox. I did not find it majorly innovative.  There was nothing which was apparent to me that I was not able to do with the current version of Gmail. So, I would get straight to listing down the pros and cons.


  • Easy to use UI, quickly can organise mails.
  • Nice timeline view.
  • No feature which I can't already do with Gmail.
  • Just a sexy UI.

I have just used it for a few days. But this is an honest feeling I got. I might still have to explore more to realise some new features but on the look of things I was disappointed.

Leave a comment with your email id if you need an invite.
Request others to share there invites with the people commented.

Workaround to get in without invite:

Install inbox on your android phone. Then ask a friend who has an invite to login and use inbox app for 5 minutes. Then ask him to log out and you log in. Hurray!! google inbox would remain active for you.


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