Linkedin Status Update Image not displayed

I was facing this problem when I was updating images from my site on linkedin. I even asked a question on stackoverflow (When using linkedin share api submitted-picture-url or sharing url via linkedin, particular url format doesnot work?) but never got a good response.

After that I did lots of experimentation to figure out few things about linkedin in status update image url. I would list them out below:

  1. Max size for image should be 100 MB (read somewhere, have not tried it myself.)
  2. Linkedin caches the images on its server for 7 days. So if the image on the url shared have changed, linkedin won't update it. A good workaround is to add a query parameter to the image url with some random string of the timestamp while sharing. So, this would make each image url unique.
  3. Set the correct mime-type on the servlet serving the image. I was using cdn and with my servlet acting at a proxy to cdn to serve the image. In the process I was missing out the mime-type in the response header. What this lead to was that linkedin was never displaying those images. So ideally linkedin caching mechanism makes a requests to the image url, reads the response header, if the header has a mime-type of image then downloads it and caches it other wise ignores it. So always set the correct mime-type.
  4. Obviously the image url should be reachable from open internet.
  5. Image should atleast be 80px by 150x to prevent it to be stretched.
I hope this list helps someone. Have a good day! Happy sharing!


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