SEZ victims : An appeal by hapless victims of state tyranny to all concerned citizens of India

Thousands of acres of fertile agricultural lands are being acquired in the name of SEZ (Special economic zone)s all over India [except Bihar]. Farmers are becoming hapless victims of state tyranny. Inspite of repeated statements by various central & state ministers at various times that fertile agricultural land will not be acquired for industrial [SEZ] purposes; the bureaucrats (of KIADB) are practicing just the opposite.
Fertile land with rich agricultural and horticultural produce that sustains and enriches the lives of thousands of villagers is now being termed dry and waste land to aid the acquisition process. How can land that gets an average annual rainfall of almost 4000 mm be “dry land” in Mangalore?? Clearly the truth is being hidden; behind fabricated statistics, to aid KIADB’s effort to alienate farmers’ lands for the MRPL-ONGC, MSEZ projects.

We, the villagers of the 2035.31 acres of land notified for acquisition near Mangalore (of Kuthethoor, Permude, Delanthabettu and Thenka Yekkaru villages) who are affected by the MSEZ and its PCPIR (petrochemical complex) are mostly farmers who know no other skill than agriculture, dairy farming, poultry, horticulture and jasmine cultivation and related duties. We do not wish to lose our homes and livelihood at any cost.

Clearly, more of us in our 4 villages will lose employment and (our roots) than any employment or progress that an SEZ alienated from us and our lifestyles can bring.

What are the fall outs of M SEZ for common citizens?

The petrochemical complexes would store thousands of tons of carcinogenic [cancer causing] chemicals like benzene, cause health problems like asthma, cancer etc. The petrochemical complexes and subsidiaries would occupy an area of 74,131 acres of land and displace nearly one and a half lakh people .Negligible amount of their produce would be for domestic use, but our govt. would earn lots in foreign exchange in addition to the environment pollution, water shortage, depletion of greenery, global warming and more than anything else a ticking time bomb so close [8-10 kms] to Mangalore city (that comes under grade 3 earthquake zone).

Another Bhopal gas tragedy in the making!!! If you are a citizen concerned about the society, kindly render your support to us by mailing your response to the concerned authorities and asking them to STOP the additional 2,035.51 acres land acquisition process in the aforesaid villages for MSEZ by KAIDB at the earliest.

If you feel for the SEZ victims then please send your responses to:

  1. Mr. Nagaraj Shetty, District-in-charge of DAKSHINA KANNADA.
  1. Mr. H.D. Kumaraswamy, Chief Minister, Legislative Assembly, KARNATAKA.
Office Fax: 080-22281021/22253660

  1. Mr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister, INDIA. or Fax: 11-23016857/11-23019545

PLEASE don’t turn a blind eye, help in making a better India.


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