A life in a Day: Youtube Movie

I usually don't write much here, but recently when I came across the movie by Amit Agarwal for a life in a day, Youtube project, I was not able to stop myself. It was mainly due to few reasons, one being that it was his blog, Digital Inspiration that inspired me to blogging. So would like all of you to watch this one first:

Now, what is this Life in a Day project. Its an initiative by Youtube to gather all the videos generated by users on and around July 24th and make a full feature length documentary film from it. One can get more infomation about it here.

What makes this project so inspiring? The experiment is to do with User Generated Content and it reaffirms my belief that future lies in User Generated Content. Does that mean production houses who roll out so much money to produce such content would go Bankrupt!! Obviously no!! They would need huge server space and intelligent softwares to figure out the type of Content people would like and it would be hosted on their servers, because once there is a huge content out there, it would be really messy to find the one which would suit my mood. Lots of investment would be made on it and the need of a Video Search Engine would surely arise, not only based on the metadata(text attached with the video) but also basd on the objects inside the video(A MPEG7 specification). All these developments again reaffirm my belief the future is going to be a CREATIVE Economy. Machines are there to take care of the methodolgical work and Humans are just born to be creative.

I know, I have thrown lots of ideas in this post.. But these are the few things which were going on my mind.


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