Do multiple launches in Eclipse with single click.

Many a times we need to launch multiple launch configuration in eclipse one by one or after waiting for sometime. This usually tend to waste a lot of time due to multiple clicks. Like debugging projects over maven or GWT, we often have to first launch our maven target and then attach a debugger to a particular port.

There is a simple way to automate this. We need Launch Group option to do that.

To install this option  one need to install "C/C++ Development Tools" from the CDT (see ) - this single package is enough, no other CDT packages are needed and this won't disturb the Java environment either. Then you can have "Launch Groups", for any kind of project, including Java projects. 

For my maven build plus remote debugger i had to give maven build target launch a post launch action delay of 16 seconds and the remote debugger a post launch action of  "wait till termination" so that sysout comes on the default console.

All the best experimenting!


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