Browser and OS Audience Share

Recently I was analyzing the data from the reports from few of my blogs and websites, to understand the how the usage of different browsers are spread among different audience profile. But data didnt give any major suprises in the browser landscape.

All the blogs and websites had majority Chrome users which was lowest at 33% and highest till 39%. Firefox user base was constant around 24 to 26%. Almost all the reports have IE users around 20-22%.
Opera seemed to be having a fairly good market share these days around 10%.
Safari had some surprises based on profiles , in case of technology enthusiasts it had a market share of around 3% but almost all other places it was less then 1%. But Mobile Safari seemed to have a constant audience base of around 2% almost across all profiles. Other browsers which people are using these days are UCBrowser(i guess mainly on Java based smartphones), IEMobile, NokiaBrowser, Dolfin, Maxthon but with negligible audience base.

Browser Market Share Comments
Chrome 33-39%
Firefox 24-26%
IE 20-22%
Opera 10%
Safari 3% negligible among non technologist
Mobile Safari 2%

In the OS audience share there were few surprises. Windows is still holding a good market share around 86 to 89% but i noticed that Android is coming up strongly with a market share of 3% that is similar to the market share for Linux users. So basically as many people who uses Linux desktops/ laptops uses an Android based mobile device. And I have noticed a constant growth in its market share. While Nokia, Blackberry, iPad, HTC are still popular but among my website the audiences didn't  seemed to use them a lot while surfing or using my site. Although all my sites are mobile enabled/ready.

I hope this data would be useful to people who don't get heavy traffic on their websites :)


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