Walking in the rain, to free my soul of all pain.

Let me shed a tear, without any fear.
The screeching and honking, takes my mind off the screaming inside.

All I ever wanted was life so simple, but on every turn this journey makes me a cripple.
Dreams and desires broken and taper, is it time to float them like boats of paper.
Streams of mud gushing out of drain, just like emotions and feeling which I should refrain.

Confusion and dullness surrounds, is this world merrier than what I see all around?
Vehicles are dragged by people, fighting for inches on the road. Who believe life is a race, to live peacefully with a straight face.

Couple dancing, seeing the sky cry.
Photographer takes pride in the frames of poverty,
Media advertising the wrongs of nobility,
People praying to the fuckstrated man,
so i wish not being part this dubious clan.

Walking in the rain, wont free me of any pain, just let my energy drain.


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