Setting up Google Apps to receive emails on multiple domain.

Many times we have multiple domains for our business like, and
And our customers usually make mistakes while tying email as mixing up various domain. So, its important for us to receive all the mails on various domains on the same inbox. This can be achieved in Google Apps environment.

To do this :

  1. Login to the the control panel of google apps
  2. Click on the More Controls at the bottom of your page.
  3. Select Domains.
  4. Click Add a Domain alias.
  5. Enter your new domain.
  6. Verify the domain.
  7. To do this you would have to login with Google Webmaster Tools account and add google app admin as an owner for that domain.
  8. Once the domain is verified add the MX Records.
  9. In Big Rock I DNS Management control panel I was getting a weird error as conflict with the CNAME record. For this I modified my @ CNAME record temporarily adding * in place of @ and then added all the MX records based on following table and then re modified CNAME record replacing * with @.  Set any TTL values to the maximum allowed.
    MX Server address Priority
  10. Now wait for MX records to be verified by google. It can take upto 48 hours. So be patient.
  11. Once, it verified. Tada now you have one more email id for inbox, your old user name @ new domain.


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