Sun JDK Java 6 to OpenJDK Java 7 recompilation on Ubuntu 12.04 and movement to Jetty 9.x

Recently I took up a task of moving our old project from Sun Java 6 to Open Java 7.
As such our project was using Spring, Hibernate, GWT and many more libraries.

There was a lots of fingers crossed when we took up this task, as we did not know the kind of impact it can lead to varying from refactoring to performance.

Kind of refactoring attempt which it took:

  • To begin with we need to do a change in our DataSource implementation as javax.sql.CommonDataSource has added a new method getParentLogger() . So we had to override that method in our class definition. 
          import java.util.logging.*;

          public Logger getParentLogger() {
                    return null;
  • org.apache.commons StringUtils.join now takes an iterator then list. So we need to pass List.listIterator over there.
  • There were project where maven-war plugin was not specified, that was leading us to problems. A specific pom entry was made to project to point to 2.3.2 version of the plugin.
  • The deb package version should not have any character only numerics and dots are allowed.
  • Jetty 9.x is official release for Java 7. So moving to Jetty 9.x is advised. ChangeLog for Jetty 9.x is available here. The way to start jetty have changed slightly. Java system property for port is not longer supported. Hence, you need to do 
          java -jar start.jar -jetty.port=8080 .

  • Https calls might fail with exception :

          [com.lifesize.mgmt.proxy.manager.tunnelserver.blocking.BlockingTunneledSessionReader] - <>
       Caused by:       CKR_DOMAIN_PARAMS_INVALID

This is a bug with opnjdk. Refer to the following links to fix this:

Will update this thread with performance issues as I discover more.


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