Here i am trying to potrait a character named maddy..seating in her chair..actually i find her character very interesting...what you guysa have to say about and comment
Born on 1st July i consider myself to be cancerian but stars predict me to be a leo..but to speak the truth i am the perfect mix of the both.My moods fluctuated like a.c. currents and so obviously short tempered stubborn and has a lot of self pride..Is anything wrong in having self pride???
If i have describe myself in 3 words then i would use stubborn,sweet and carefree..i represnt lioness(i m a leo..) and i fight a lot with my sister and do act like a crazy sometimes but i m not one..hehe! Like a crab i do tend to hide my feelings and try and walk away from danger..why face unneccessary challenges??
I love my parents a lo0t and for there sake i can do anything on this damn earth...i still remember that day when i got 262 reank in my proud and delighted they were....really...i delight in there happiness...Who wont agree with me in this???
What i like the most is the giftd i get from my friends,i treasure them forever...that doesnt mean i just treasure the gifts..i equally do treasure my friends..i really love them but i hate LIERS..And a friend can never be a you agree to this?


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