Bypass CenSorship::: Test your site on cell phone::Visit any site by bypassing your firewall or your network administrator.

This one is very interesting and useful for many people like me. For instance, many of the websites like - Flickr is restricted in Iran & UAE, BBC & Wikipedia are blocked in China, Blogspot blogs are banned in Pakistan, YouTube & Photobucket are prohibited for US army overseas while social sites like Bebo, MySpace, Orkut or Facebook may be blocked in your workplace like mine.

At places access to mail websites like Yahoo or GMail is also blocked under the pretext of security. Ans many of us have to even see this FortiGaurd page with title Webfilter Violation. How irritating is that experience?

Here i suggest a way to make your web surfing more restriction free.

Proxy Servers are one such method which can be used to access such sites. But they might be slow or also be blocked. But here i bring forward a new method for unblocking websites - you'll probably enjoy it more than the previous techniques because it takes the geekiness out of the whole process and make it extremely easy to access blocked URLs.

Opera provides a free online tool called Opera Mini Simulator that simulates the Opera mobile phone browser on your desktop computer. The tool is fabricated in java and is by web designers for testing their website layouts on mobile phone devices without actually using a mobile phone.

As you probably guessed it by now, this Opera Browser Simulator can also be used for accessing web pages that may be blocked on your computer. Since the requests are made via the website, they would easily bypass the local filtering. As you see the process is similar to proxy servers and its just that opera websites acts as your server in such cases.

To open any site in Opera, follow the syntax given below and start browsing. Very simple isn't it..[URL] - example

For example::

The Opera Simulator is very useful for secured sites that require cookies.
for instance, you can check your Hotmail emails via Opera.

You are restricted to the tiny 200x200 screen of Opera simulator, but still the tool is very useful.
Opera recently launched version 4 of the Mini simulator that offers a better browsing experience than the previous version. You can access v4.0 of Mini simulator here.


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