Lady Myth

India's First Woman President in office today. And on this occassion this post has some Censored thoughts about Indian politics.
A history created or transforming India pushed to history. The nation of snake charmers gets a queen who has a knack in communicating with ghosts and spirits.
Most of you are intelligent enough to make guesses.
Yes,the Country gets its succesor to the man of missile and science inform of a lady of mysticism.
No pun intended, but still her magical moment is here to stay.
Although Mrs Patil won the prez election fair and square but we shouldn't forget the contribution that was made by gender bias educated political class of India. Suprisingly, they were biased towards woman not man. And ya, even the sacreligious MLA's of Madhya Pradesh who wrote "Jai Shri Ram" or "Om" on the ballot paper to show there support to Mr Sikhawat but in vain. Don't know should i laugh at the state of country's MLA's or forget the incident.
The celebrations started on the eve of the elections when the so called Empress Mrs Sonia Gandhi threw a DINNER BASH for all her puppets including the lady myth and the men in blue turban. The food was supposedly so delicious or magical that Mr Farooq Abdullah changed his mood and supported our lady myth for the election just to figure in the guest list of the bash and be part of this magical moment creating history.
I won't be suprised if the next time if a Presidential Rule is imposed on a state to bring peace, then yagna's might be performed on the roads under the influence of our new prez, the lady myth.
Many of you must have heard SRK saying
" Haar ke jitne waale ko baazigar kahte hai"
but that was reel life in real life only Sonia Gandhi is the true baazigar. Our Italian kingmaker is the only lady in the history of our democratic Country to virtually hold the all important post of The Prime Minister and even the most respected post in the Country of the President. She is the baazigar. Hats off to her.


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