Poem with two titles

Write, Sing, Code, Dance, Ride, Read and ..

Things we do...

Sometimes you feel like to write,
when things you know are not right.
You know you should fight,
but destination is no where in sight.

Sometimes you feel like to sing,
when life adds that musical ping,
Everything around is like a jingle,
And you don't mind to mingle.

Sometimes you feel like to draw,
to capture the imaginations that are still so raw.
You know you should go digital,
but you still love the old charcoal.

Sometimes you feel like to code,
when ideas are abode.
You know you should act fast,
because things are not going to last.

Sometimes you feel like to dance,
Because you know this might be your only chance.
You wanna live it to the fullest,
Or atleast remain the coolest!

Sometimes you feel like to space out,
Because you wanna recollect those memories fading out.
Or to be with yourself,
because he is the one who take the worlds' all pelt.

Simetimes you feel like to ride,
Because its your bike in which you take all pride,
It moves your soul,
and care the least about rest all.

Sometimes you feel like to read,
When you know you wanna be feed,
the authors intellect and vivid imagination,
and get lost in his creation.


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