Cafes around Indranagar and Koramangala for Work or Chill

I found a nice discussion on PMIT with the requirements of Cafe suggestion in around Koramangala or Indranagar with following:

1. You spot less/same crowd lazing around the whole day. 
2. You spot people hanging out with their books.
3. Bean bags around.
4. Lite music, bright light, decent Wi-Fi.
5. Nobody bothers to wake you up (even if you doze off  ) 

So I decided to put my own list:

COSTA COFFEE, Koramangala

Address: 80 feet, Road Koramangala.

No bean bags. Has WIFI but unreliable. Less Crowded during Weekdays, very crowded during weekends. You can spots likes of Bansals of Flipkart fame at times here. Lite music bright light. One of my Fav to Work


Address: 1st Cross, 80 Feet Main Rd, Koramangala 4 Block

Bean Bags. Has WIFI but unreliable, Seems to get noisy on weekends and evenings. Light music, bright light. Good food. One of my Fav to Chill

Atta Gallata, Koramangala

Address: 134, 1st A Main Road KHB Colony, 5th Block Koramangala

Has Wifi, quiet not too noisy, light music, less crowd. have events on weekends. Not that bright lights. One of My Fav to Work in quiet environment.

Yoga House, Indranagar

Address: 89, 11th Cross, 60ft Road,, Indiranagar 2nd stage

Bright Lights, Pet friendly, Very Fast and Reliable Wifi, Less Crowded. Apt for Work.


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