Download playlist or songs from 8tracks.

Many times I come across songs on 8tracks which I am not able to find from other sources. Little bit of googling and searching around, I didn't find a reliable way of doing the same. So, I decided to write a script for me to do that.

For the benefit of larger audience, I have hosted it on one of my servers. You can access it from:

Just go there an paste the 8tracks playlist url in the input field and press Fetch.

Its a simple Js script which utilises the 8tracks apis to simulate the play of the song and allow a download or play link where the permissions are available. The urls to download or play individual songs would get listed.

As it simulates play of song, so this script would take some time to go and fetch all the urls for download. Ideally, one should press fetch and then come back after few hours to the tab to see all the urls in the list.

I have tried to follow the norms of 8tracks as much as possible, if any infringement of  copyright or api usage policy is found then please do let me know and I would take it offline.


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