How to configure google app engine when your site is deployed on Heroku and uses CNAME for naked domain?

When we configure Heroku App to our domain we configure it using CNAME records. This means two entry in our DNS records, one for naked domain or and other for

Now, if you want to receive mails over email ids configured with same domain with google apps, gmail then you need to configure MX records for Please see the previous post on this topic .

But there is a problem here, as CNAME record has higher priority, your domain wont return MX rule and always return CNAME rule and MX record validation would fail on the Google Domains page.

So, how to solve it:

  • Have A records entry if possible, with heroku this is  not possible.
  • Remove CNAME record from DNS entry for and configure google domain, naked redirect to
  • Remove CNAME record from DNS entry for and use Alias from Domian Control Panel.
  • Remove CNAME record from DNS entry for and use Domain Forwarding service for to on the Domain Control Panel. This would be like a 301 redirect.

Hope this helps.


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