Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pencil at work:: Website of the month June.

Have you ever wondered what is the effect pencil can have.. I mean the depth of emotions a pencil sketch can generate.. The different colors a simple lead pencil exhibit.. I started wondering all these when i came across PenciatWork. A site which belongs to some pencil sketch artist in India.

So you must be wondering whats so unique about this page. Then my answer is lots. To start with it has a very different and interesting web design. The Home page in itself is a collage of some of his works. With a slip note that acts as an index frame. And as the name of the website goes PencilatWork .. there is no mouse pointer to navigate!! Surprised don worry they provide a pencil to navigate with which one can draw also as much he desires.

The Gallery is in form of a card of which one have to change each and every page to view his piece of art.. Each work is a master piece in itself. And you would see lots of celebrities from the angry looking Amithabh Bachan to of beautiful and ever smiling Julia Roberts.

Moreover it also has a Tutorial for the beginners who wanna take up the art as hobby.The design of the tutorial is in form of a booklet which highlights the fine pints of this art.

Finding it interesring and wanna Order one for yourself then visit the ordering section and be owner of a masterpiece.

So with no doubt at all PencilatWork is the website of the
month for CenSorE visitors. Do visit the page to find out more.